Solidworks to IQ Station

Welcome to the 3D Visualization Solidworks Conversion Page.

This section contains the information to convert your Solidworks (.sldrp & .sldasm) file to a suitable format required by the 3D-Visualizer, specifically an .obj and .mtl file.

The only computer at the University of Idaho that contains the file conversion software (Okino NuGraf) is located in Gauss Johnson 113 .

Make sure your file is first saved as .dldprt or .sldasm to your flash drive or a shared network. Locate the black and yellow computer in the Gauss Johnson's Building Room 113


On the IQ Station

1. Go Start / All Programs/ Okino Computer Graphics/ NuGraf64

2. Within the Nugraf interface, go File/ Import 3D Geometry /Solidworks

3. Find your saved Solidworks file

4. Allow the import of all geometry and click 'Yes" on resizing the perspective camera view

5. Check in NuGraf to make sure all colors are visible, if not check your import parameters

6. If everything looks good, go to EXPORT the file as a WaveFront OBJ file

7. Your file should convert to an object (.obj) and material (.mtl) file


For more detailed step by step instructions please go to the Solidworks Upload Manual.

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The IQ (Inexpensive Immersive Interactive Interface) Station allows the user to visualize their model in 3D. Researchers and modelers from a wide range of disciplines can benefit from the IQ Station's ability to immerse users in complex datasets. A user manipulates their 3D model with the use of a Wii remote wearing 3D glasses while physical body movements are tracked by cameras.