Upload Your Dataset

This section contains the information on uploading and converting Wavefront (.obj & .mtl) files to be used on the 3D Visualizer. Currently the 3D Visualization Center is located in the University of Idaho's Data Visualization Center Room 414, on the fourth floor.


File Uploading

Once your file(s) have been converted to Wavefront OBJ file types they can be uploaded to the IQ Station. On the right you can click on the links to LiDAR data, Solidworks data, or Catia data pages to view instruction manuals. Have your files on a flash-drive or other mobile storage device. There should be two file types (.obj & .mtl). The Wavefront OBJ files have to be edited in order to be recognized by the 3D Visualization software.


File Editing

To convert/edit the files use the monitor on the left and the keyboard and mouse on the top. Insert your flash drive into the front of the computer on the left. Open a File Browser.

1. Navigate to folder: "demo/workspace/data" and then create a new folder. Rename the 'untitled folder' to match your model name. Then copy the .obj and .mtl files from your flash drive to this new folder.

2. Next navigate to "demo/workspace/VruiTemplate" and copy the three folders within.

3. Keep navigating further in to "demo/workspace" / Your Folder Name /"trunk/ "source/"MODEL". Double click "NPP.cpp".

4. Scroll down to this section of the file. Replace the underscores in the Load File path with the path to your .obj file in the data directory.


Access the IQ Station


Terms and Conditions of Use

Become certified to use the IQ Station by going through an orientation ... more


Book Time

Visit the University of Idaho's website to check availability...more


The IQ (Inexpensive Immersive Interactive Interface) Station allows the user to visualize their model in 3D. Researchers and modelers from a wide range of disciplines can benefit from the IQ Station's ability to immerse users in complex datasets. A user manipulates their 3D model with the use of a Wii remote wearing 3D glasses while physical body movements are tracked by cameras.