Immerse Yourself in Your Model

You must first become authorized to use the IQ Station. After an orientation the user's name will be placed on a 'qualified users' list and the key can be checked out from Library Reserve on the first floor for two hour increments. Visit the link Terms and Conditions of Use at the bottom of the page for more information.


Equipment Used in Immersion

There are three 3-D glasses currently available. The glasses labeled as "one"' make a connection with the cameras located around the IQ Station. The other two allow the user to see 3D but are not tracked. The controller is also tracked. Move your body and the remote to navigate through the model.

To create a 3D image two images are displayed. These two images can be brought closer to each other to decrease the double vision effect, this is called chording. It is necessary to "chord" images when zooming in on a model.




Note: LiDAR datasets have levels of magnification. Repeatly drag the controller towards you while holding the A button will increase the amount of data points seen and therefore see more detailed imagery. This will slow down the rendering process.

Notes on Using the Wii Remote


Push the controller away from you and the objects will move closer to you. Push the controller towards you and the objects will move further away from you. Similarly, right and left movements move the object accordingly.

Use the joystick for a smoother navigation through the model.

Hold buttons '1' and '4' to prompt the 'Tool Selection Menu' . A laser is used as a pointer to help navigate through the menus. Each menu contains a list of optional configuration settings. To make a selection, simply release the button.

The 'home' button brings up the base menu. This menu is custom to the application being used. The navigation through these menus is similar to the navigation of the 'Tool Selection Menu' as discussed in the previous section. The menu can be moved around the screen by pressing and holding the 'A' button on the top section of the menu.


Access the IQ Station


Terms and Conditions of Use

Become certified to use the IQ Station by going through an orientation ... more


Book Time

Visit the University of Idaho's website to check availability...more


The IQ (Inexpensive Immersive Interactive Interface) Station allows the user to visualize their model in 3D. Researchers and modelers from a wide range of disciplines can benefit from the IQ Station's ability to immerse users in complex datasets. A user manipulates their 3D model with the use of a Wii remote wearing 3D glasses while physical body movements are tracked by cameras.